The Betrayed

Feature - MGM Pictures

The Betrayed is almost entirely set within this one dank concrete room where Jamie Taylor is being held hostage by her husband’s crime world associates. A room where cockroaches skitter across the floor, water drips from the many pipes and the captors appear distorted in the mottled glass of the door.
Shot entirely on stage and mostly within a one room set. Age, texture and subtle colour were used to create the visual complexity needed for the extended screen time when the needs of the script would not allow layered dressing.
The set was built on a dividing deck to allow the camera to shoot at or below floor level.
Directed by: ​​​​​​​Amanda Gusack
Produced by: Vicki Sotheran, Vincent Newman
Starring: Melissa George, Oded Fehr, Christian Campbell, Alice Krige
  1. The Hallway
    The Hallway
    Long enough to feel the approach of her Captors
  2. The Hallway
    The Hallway
  3. Living Room
    Living Room
    Prologue - The family home
  4. Motel Room
    Motel Room
  5. The Room
    The Room
    The quality of light from day to night created the rhythm of time.
  6. The Room
    The Room
  7. The Room
    The Room