Date and Switch

Feature - Lionsgate Entertainment

Date and Switch follows Matty & Michael on the timeless quest of all highschool seniors...... to get laid. When Matty comes out to his best friend, Michael tries his best to remain a good wingman.
The palette for the film divides subtly around our two heroes. Shades of yellow identify Matty's world and blue for Michael. Where their worlds intersect green predominates
High school bedrooms are clear windows into teenagers' personalities and are dressed to help inform and embellish the characters as created in the script.
Directed by: ​​​​​​​​Chris Nelson
Produced by: Larry Mark, Marc Bienstock Matt Kaplan, Chris Foss
Starring: Nicholas Braun, Hunter Cope, Dakota Johnson, Nick Offerman
  1. Flashback: School Play
    Flashback: School Play
  2. Hash Brownie Mix
    Hash Brownie Mix
  3. Hash Brownie
    Hash Brownie
  4. Catch-a-Burger
  5. Michael's Bedroom
    Michael's Bedroom
  6. Michael's Bedroom
    Michael's Bedroom
  7. Michael's Bedroom
    Michael's Bedroom
  8. Matty's Bedroom
    Matty's Bedroom
  9. Matty's Bedroom
    Matty's Bedroom
  10. Matty's House
    Matty's House
  11. Matty's House
    Matty's House
  12. Matty's Garage
    Matty's Garage
  13. Reflections Bar
    Reflections Bar
  14. Underground Mexican Wrestling
    Underground Mexican Wrestling
  15. Underground Mexican Wrestling
    Underground Mexican Wrestling
  16. Ed's Autobody
    Ed's Autobody
  17. Monsoon Nightclub
    Monsoon Nightclub
  18. Monsoon Nightclub
    Monsoon Nightclub
  19. Monsoon Nightclub
    Monsoon Nightclub
  20. Outside Monsoon Nightclub
    Outside Monsoon Nightclub
  21. Em's Bedroom
    Em's Bedroom
  22. Em's Bedroom
    Em's Bedroom
  23. Prom
  24. Prom
  25. Prom
  26. Outside Prom
    Outside Prom