Centre Stage: Turn It Up

Feature - Stage 6 Films / Sony Ent.

Centre Stage: Turn It Up follows the story of another hopeful student at the American Ballet Academy. When Kate fails her audition, she must find other ways to keep learning and fulfill her passion for ballet. Naturally that journey leads through the ubiquitous hiphop nightclub.
The informative idea behind the design was that any place Kate inhabits, be it her apartment or the club she works at, becomes a ballet school for her, with handrails as barré bars and mirrors for practice. Glass and mirrors also allude to the invisible barriers between her world of rough, gritty brickwork under blue & yellow light to that of the Ballet Academy with smooth concrete and white.
The finalé stage set for the "Glass Slipper" plays with layers of glass etched with scenes from both Cinderella and our heroine's own story.
Directed by: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Steven Jacobson
Produced by: Laurence Mark, David Blackman, Vicki Sotheran
Starring: Kenny Wormald, Rachele Brooke Smith, Sarah Jayne Jensen, Peter Gallagher
  1. Nightclub Exterior
    Nightclub Exterior
  2. Nightclub Interior
    Nightclub Interior
  3. Nightclub Interior
    Nightclub Interior
  4. Nightclub Interior
    Nightclub Interior
  5. Kate's Apartment
    Kate's Apartment
  6. Kate's Apartment
    Kate's Apartment
  7. Kate's Apartment
    Kate's Apartment
  8. Date Restaurant
    Date Restaurant
  9. Glass Slipper Stage Set
    Glass Slipper Stage Set
  10. Glass Slipper Stage Set
    Glass Slipper Stage Set